Hey there! I am a world languages teacher and I am here to help you learn Spanish! I am creating resources that can accelerate your Spanish fluency in a short time. Check out the products I design and author myself where I gather the best Spanish content so you upgrade your Spanish from A1 to C1!

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Looking for a reader in Spanish which will help you learn more about the Ecuadorian culture and at the same time learn more vocab, listening, writing and reading skills? Then this reader is what you are looking for. This reader brings you 10 stories full of engaging stories that will make you learn more about this small country owner of the Galápagos islands. No time for reading? No hay problema, download the audio file and play 10 wonderful Spanish stories. Print, this pdf and take notes of vocabulary, because this file also brings 10 pages dedicated to vocabulary and comprehension questions with answers!

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If you are learning Spanish or any other language, you must know by now that real languages most of the time do not sound like what we learn in textbooks or apps. For this reason, I have gathered for you 51 greetings in Spanish that are used frequently and commonly in many Spanish speaking countries. Qué bueno verte, salúdame a tu mamá... Do not miss this chance of learning these greetings by purchasing them from my Etsy store. Click here to check it out.

This list of 100 homophones in English with audio is perfect for:

-Students of English and Spanish language who want to increase their vocabulary skills.

-English teachers teaching English as a second language to Spanish speaking students. Each pair of homophones words comes with their Spanish meaning.

-Spanish teachers teaching Spanish to English speaking students. Once I heard in my class: Is they're and their the same in Spanish?

Each pair of homophones comes with the IPA pronunciation, if you are teaching English with IPA, this resource is perfect for you.

This is a 4 pages pdf with a downloadable audio file that comes in a google drive link. Get your 100 homophones list from my etsy store.